Froyo finally grabbing traction – just in time for Gingerbread?

Android 2.2 has been in our grubby little hands for just a few short months, and while new Android 2.1 devices are still on their way out, we are just barely starting to see Android 2.2 handsets hit the market with the Droid 2 and G2 hitting shelves. The impressive list of features that got added to Android 2.2 has been delayed for so many for either Carrier release issues or Manufacturers taking their time to overlay their customized UI’s it seems the community is losing it’s patience. Is it, though? Looking at the devices still waiting to get the 2.1 update, am I suffering from “the next big thing”-itis? IntoMobile released some numbers here that say that is certainly possible!

The Fragmentation argument is tired, but still there for a reason. The data from Google suggests that we may soon see the end of that argument, or at least a slowing. Android 2.0+ devices now make up almost 70% of the Android ecosystem, with 2.2 soaking up 28.7% of the pie. It’s an impressive jump from just a month ago, thanks to the release of FroYo for the Droid, Incredible, Evo, and the release of the Droid 2. The upcoming release of the G2 looks to soak up more of that 1.6 market, arriving just in time for the early adopters still clutching their G1’s.

Is this too little, too late? More and more every day we see more stories about Gingerbread (2.3), and even more still with Honeycomb (3.0). No one has seen or even heard of a Gingerbread device, so chances are we are all still suffering from “the next big thing” and should enjoy the FroYo for awhile. After all, if Google keeps their word, after Gingerbread we will have a whole year in between releases. Can you last a year?

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