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Follow Up: Bing to be the default search engine on Some Verizon Android Handsets

Following our breakthrough story yesterday and our tip that Verizon was replacing Google as the default search engine on it’s Android devices with Bing, Business Insider was able to get comment from Microsoft directly.

Microsoft replied to Business Insider with this broad statement “Over the coming months, Verizon will announce the launch of new Android devices, which will be pre-loaded with Bing. The deal for Verizon Android devices is not exclusive.”

Hopefully that means that Google Search will be available and as the default on some of the Android handsets appearing on Verizon.

We also did confirm with Google directly that when the Samsung Fascinate is upgraded to Android 2.2 you will be able to access the Google Search in the Android Market.

Although Microsoft has confirmed that their deal with Verizon is not exclusive, Verizon hasn’t returned a comment on how many, if all Android handsets will feature Bing instead of Google.

What team finds fundamentally wrong with the way Bing is alligned on the Samsung Fascinate is it takes away from the “Google” experience and does not allow the day to day customer, Joe Customer, the chance to partake in the total Google Android Experience. The key to Android is it’s openeess and variety. At this particular time, if someone wants an Android hansdet with Google on Verizon they can definitely pick up Droid 2, Droid X, Original Droid, LG Ally, HTC Incredible or the Motorola DeVour. On any of those Verizon handsets the user can decide whether they want Bing or Google

Source; Business Insider & Android Guys and Chuck Falzone

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