EXCLUSIVE: Verizon HTC Merge is Coming Bing is Default..

I feel like singing “oh where oh where could my google search  be, Verizon took it away from me”

Originally reported in an RUU dump by Androidcentral.com, it is again confirmed that the new HTC Merge on Verizon will come out with Bing as the default search engine instead of Google. Verizon confirmed to thedroidguy.com last night that Verizon wanted to give customers a choice when it came to searching. So, we asked about the upcoming Windows Mobile devices, will they put Google Search on those devices, to which they replied customers can go to google.com from any device.

You may remember this story where Verizon and Microsoft denied through a statement saying Microsoft’s Bing wasn’t an “Exclusive” deal however that just means we can wait years and years and if in 2020 they decide to restore Google, than the statement isnt a flat out blowoff right?

We have confirmed through good reliable sources that at least the next 3 devices the Samsung I400, The LG Vortex and The HTC merge are all Android devices and in fact all using Bing as a default. The photo is a genuine screen shot from the HTC Merge running Sense UI with Bing as the default.

It is worthy to note in Android 2.2 you can download the complete google suite including search from market but the default widget buttons still go to Bing.

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  1. I never pay attention to software that ships with phones anymore. chances are it will be rooted before it’s even released. then delete all the shipped crapware and install the good stuff in 10 seconds.

  2. that sucks (bing) what were they thinking??? i hope it ships with google search. i’ve been awaiting this phones arrival for a month or two. i will definitely buy it it ships with the google search and maps. as im sure plenty of other verizon customers will do the same. i got bing search on my lg chocolate touch and the few times i’ve tried to use it for searching, it’s horrible. i set my browser to google search and it kicks ass.

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