Engadget: Google TV get's new date October 17th!

Engadgets infamous corral of tipsters has found this internal Best Buy document outlining an original release date of Google TV for October 3 (the date of the Android Barbecue) postphoned 2 weeks until October 17th.

Google has partnered with Sony, Intel, Logitech, Best Buy and Dish Network for roll out devices for this interactive internet tv system. Google TV will be available in set top boxes, Blu Ray players, a Dish Network DVR box and Sony Televisions.¬† We tried to see Google TV at the 2010 IFA convention however all we found was a promo loop playing on what was presumed to be a Google TV. Sony had the back of the TV covered up with white tape so you couldn’t see the model markings or connectors so it could have been the Google TV or any other White TV by Sony.

This new date gives a 5 and a half week ramp up to Black Friday (the day afte Thanksgiving) when traditionally, most retailers go from the red to the black.

The engadget tipsters also reported on AT&T’s holiday Release Schedules HERE

Source: Engadget

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