Samsung Galaxy Tab officially exposed to select members of the US Android/Mobile Media

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has arrived. Today in Berlin Germany as part of the IFA conference Samsung Corporation made presentations for all of their new and exciting products set to hit retail shelves for this holiday season. Samsung Mobile officially unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the widely anticipated 7″ tablet based on the Android 2.2 platform.

A select group of 7 Mobile Phone and Android media from, Computer Shopper, Android And Me, Android Central, Into Mobile, Mobile Burn and of course The Droid Guy were invited to a top secret location in Berlin, think an underground bunker, where we were briefed by Soon Kim, Product Manager for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Yan Hi of Samsung Global’s PR Department about the ins and outs of this excited new device.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab (Model: GT-P1000) is the first of the company’s tablet devices representing a new category of mobile products for Samsung.

In my hand the Samsung Galaxy Tab felt both sturdy and reliable, a far distance from the Comangi Web Station and Eken tablets that also came in a similar form. The display is a 7″ TFT Display with 1024×600 WSVGA resolution. This capactive touch screen features multi-touch and pinch and zoom. The on board 1Ghz Hummingbird processor insure fast transitions and true multi tasking.

The Galaxy Tab comes on board with a WIFI and 3G modem inside, although carriers for the United States have not been announced yet, remember we’ve seen pictures of a CDMA/Verizon version and were told in this meeting that GSM and HSPPA are supported in the Internaitonal Version.

Here’s the first official quick look video:

I’ve had the opportunity to test about a dozen devices that called themselves some form of “Android Tablet” as most of my readers know, in order to facilitate some of the press events we report on, I need a tablet of some kind, so I do use an ipad. However I have made the challenge clear, vendors produce a tablet that rivals, and then passes the “Ipad” and I will gladly get rid of the Ipad forever.

Here are some of the highlights I’ve found that definitely beat the Ipad. And again in case you don’t understand apple fanboys, I can say these things because I have now used both extensively.

Size: Size does matter and while everyone wants to attest that bigger is better, 10″ in my opinion is too big, and I’m sorry Dell, 5″ is too small.  Why? I want a tablet that I am able to see and work on clearly and feels sturdy in the hand, but at the same time isn’t a strain to use with one hand for a very long time.  As a journalist, blogger, twitter, I find myself in situations where I have no hard surface below me and must stand to write. It’s very cumbersome to cradle the ipad in my left hand and write with my right hand.

SWYPE- It plays to the issue above however SWYPE was made for  tablets, the ability to not have to hunt and peck and swype naturally across a keyboard is an amazing win for the Galaxy Tab. Again in press events, and I’d also go with, improptu meetings, elevator pitches, sporting events, site tours, etc you need the ability to compose complete thoughts on a tablet in a hurry. SWYPE makes that possible.

True Multi-Tasking. Right now I am posting this to on my laptop. One of the main reasons I am posting on my laptop is because I can’t reference notes, other websites, pictures, anything aside from the wordpress app itself, on an ipad because it does NOT suport muti tasking.  The Galaxy Tab allows true Android style multi tasking.  In fact it’s 10x easier to post a story link from my RSS Reader to twitter via my phone and a Galaxy Tab then any other device.

What we know so far
The Galaxy Tab that I am using is an International Version and has International features such as Redears Hub and Music Hub, which Samsung’s Kim Titus confirmed that it may be harder to clear DRM content in the United States. I actually like the abundance of material found in both.

The Galaxy Tab will be available in stores before the Holiday Season

The Galaxy Tab is being made in both a GSM and CDMA version

We’ve got more from IFA coming your way. In fact by the time you read this story the Samsung Press Conference will just be heating up stay tuned to for live blogged coverage and more!

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