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Droid X update crawling with bugs?

It seems that we are finally into the age of Froyo. More than 50% of the current device market is over 2.0, and by now the Droid X users should be waking up from their “OMG we haz FR0Y0” coma, bringing that number even further towards 2.2. The Droid X receiving Froyo has been on the minds of every DX owner since the device was first announced, and the promises of its release has been compared to Duke Nukem: Forever. Now that we have it, and the celebrating has ended, it seems there is trouble in paradise, and affected users are more than upset.

It seems that cooking your own version of Android 2.2 is not as easy as it seems. Bug complaints have ranged from intermittent notifications, keyboard lag, and an inability to play .mp3 files have peppered the Moto forums. The most widespread issue, however, seems to be the device’s handling of text messaging via the built in messaging app, where messages are appearing in incorrect order, or not updating at all. Presently there is an update “planned” to fix these, but no release date, and no details as to what specifically they play to fix.

This appears to be the result of poor testing, maybe related to a rushed product, which is odd considering the leaked Froyo rom for the Droid X didn’t even have at least two of these bugs, which means they were broken sometime afterwards. Whatever the case, an update needs to come from Verizon, and fast. The Droid X is a powerful device, and the addition of Froyo gives it some impressive enhancements, namely with battery life and browser speed. Now that handsets will begin shipping with Froyo, bugs like these will offer a poor comparison to upcoming devices from other manufacturers.

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