ComScore shows Android is the only one Growing!

Analytics define the market. Companies look at analytics to decide what to develop on, what accessories to make, when to sell them, who to sell them through… it’s a really big deal on the decision making part of the economy. It takes a pretty significant shift in the market in order to grab the attention of the world. The kind of shift that causes companies to completely re-evaluate their current strategy, and begin to pay attention to whatever the “new” thing is. Today, we are witnessing such a shift, as ComScore’s three month metric was announced, with amazing results!

We all know Android is the best, but MAN is it nice to see some numbers backing that up. ComScore releases metrics every three months to show growth in the market. These numbers are based on sales, activations, and current use for each OS. The results are in, folks. Android grew a full 5% of the entire smartphone market in just three months. What does this growth mean? Well it has to mean that someone lost 5% right? In fact, it shows that Microsoft, RIM, and Apple all had to give it up in order for this to happen. That’s right, in the last three months Android was the ONLY OS to show any growth at all, climbing from 12% to 17%.

It’s not like Andy is slowing down either. There is an impressive holiday lineup on it’s way, and with that comes yet another chance to gain on the other guys. I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for the next batch from ComScore!

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