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Apps aren’t a deal breaker

A recent study by research firm IGR, of 2,000 smartphone owners found that for 58% of them Apps, whether pre-loaded or in an app store were not an influencer in the decision to buy the phone. Think back to the days before Android when Iphone was new on the scene and their App Store was growing by the 10’s of thousands per week. At first, Blackberry didn’t feel a pinch at all. In fact Blackberry still held on to their OS position in the United States until this year and Android. Also, as you may recall it was just a few weeks ago that Blackberry just reached 10,000 apps. That in itself is a good point in the case that apps don’t matter as much as you would think.  Using that logic Iphone would be number 1 instinctively right?

Other very interesting points in this study were that 52% of the users surveyed liked and used pre-installed applications and 31% did not see any need to go beyond pre-installed applications.  Finally, only 5% would even consider rooting or jail breaking.

While the Android market is climbing at an awesomely rapid pace, it’s not neccesarily the size of our App Market that even matters in fact our App Market could use a ton of improving READ THIS.

This survey shows a couple things that are important to note. One is obvious the size of the market doesn’t matter, this is a great argument in Android but could also be the basis of an argument once Windows Phone 7 devices hit the market. Secondly, it goes to show you what an impact a decision like putting Bing as the default search engine on an Android Phone may cause.

Source: Phone Arena, IGR

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