App of the Week: Smart Keyboard

One of the most time consuming things to do when using a mobile device is typing. When you chat you type, when you browse the web you type, and basically everything you do involves at least some amount of typing. After taking all of this into consideration, having a good keyboard turns into a pretty big deal. Now there are a lot of keyboard replacements in the market, so this is one of those things that can take a little bit of research before you commit your thumbs to one. There are keyboards that remember what you usually say, some that make certain characters bigger than others, and one that let you slide to type. Smart Keyboard in my opinion, is the complete keyboard.

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Smart Keyboard is a great keyboard right when you download it, but the settings are what really makes this keyboard stand out. Now if I were to explain every single option in the settings this would be a painfully long article. I am going to condense the settings into the main stand-out features. At the open of the settings, it can seem pretty overwhelming. You are greeted with a list of things that open up more things that open up more things. The first one you should go to is general.

General settings allow you to change things like your language and keyboard style. You can customize the auto-caps any way you’d like. You can also select whether you want android, i*hone, or and HTC style keyboard skin. This is fun because you can get the look that you want best. You can go even farther with the look by customizing how you want your arrows to be laid out. You can also edit how the keyboard opens whether it is T9, normal, or compact. I don’t know why you wouldn’t pick normal, but it still gives you the option which is great. There is also the option to set the transparency of the keyboard, in case you might want to view the text under it or not. One other thing they threw in is a smiley editor so you can place your smiley’s anywhere you want.

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There is also an option in the settings for voice input. Now you might think there isn’t much to edit in the settings for voice input and you’re right. However, the things you can do are pretty helpful. You can set the voice input to restart until you close it. This is helpful for long messages so that you don’t get one word wrong and have to find and fix it. Under voice input is an option to edit whether you want there to be a sound and vibrate on keypress.

One of the really great things about this app however, is its text prediction. The text prediction offers a great user dictionary that is much more intuitive than the stock keyboard. It is nice when a keyboard learns you, and how often you use a word or phrase. It has a lot of great suggestions and the more you use a word the more it will popup.


Overall, Smart Keyboard is a great keyboard. It is an app I really couldn’t live without. When it comes to typing I just feel strange when I am not using this app. The amount of customization, and the word prediction really make this app what it is. It is available in the market for free, but if you want the pro version it’ll cost you 1.99 euro. I highly recommend this app, and that is why I have chosen it to be this week’s App of the Week. If you have any questions or comments let me know in the comments or email me at [email protected]. Remember to follow @thedroidguy on Twitter!

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