App of the Week: Dolphin Browser HD

Since the beginning of time…or at least Android, browsing the web is one of the most used features on the OS. I mean, come on, it’s a Google phone. When taking this into consideration, it is pretty easy to gather that you need a good browsing app. Every Android phone comes with a stock browser app, and they differ between manufacturers. HTC has theirs, as does Motorola, Samsung, and many others. Android as it comes right from Google even has a stock browser, so everyone’s will be a little different. A lot of Android fans that do some heavy browsing can delve into every feature and find their favorite things, but the average user might not care or understand why they need a different browser app. I mean, mine works fine. Why do I need a different one, right? In my opinion, there are many reasons, and that is why I have made Dolphin Browser HD the App of the Week.

snap20100920_211435.png picture by jibjab227

Dolphin Browser HD is one of the top downloaded alternate browsers, and personally it is my favorite. One of the main reasons that this app is awesome is tabbed browsing. Tabbed browsing is something we have become used to so why not take that feature with you onto your mobile phone. Dolphin makes this simple and easy and all you have to do is scroll to the top and you tabs are there waiting for you.

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One of the other big features is the option to do gestures. There is a little gesture button in the corner and you can tap it and do gestures. Now they didn’t set you up with only their gestures, and you can go into the setting and make a gesture for just about anything you want. This is a super cool feature and it makes the Android browsing experience completely different and much more intuitive.

Dolphin Browser HD also has a Firefox-like idea with add-ons. This can set this browser apart completely. In the Android Market there are all kinds of add-ons that you can use on Dolphin Browser HD. There are things that let you tweet the page that you are on, they can let you take screenshots, and there are many other add-ons that make the experience a lot better. Add-ons is something that Dolphin has that other browsers don’t, and that can give it a serious edge against its competitors.

One of the other major features, and the last I will mention today, is the scrolling feature. This is more of a convenient and pretty UI thing, but it still stands out as a hit for me. If you scroll left and scroll right you will get one of two things. When you scroll left, you get a page with all of your bookmarks. This is very handy and can save a lot of time. When you scroll right you get to a page that has all of your add-ons. That is another great idea on the developer’s part.

When you take all of these features and compare them with stock browsers, there is really no reason not to go Dolphin. The tabbed browsing and the scroll to bookmarks alone can shave some serious time off of your browsing. This app is awesome and that is why I choose Dolphin Browser HD to be the App of the Week.

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