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Android users love Barbecue?

We get downright ridiculous sometimes when it comes to our aggression towards the other “smart phones” out there. We taunt, tease, shout, harass, and generally attack each other all across the Internet. It comes as no surprise that when released metrics on usage for their apps, the fists started flying. Fortunately, I was able to look past the name calling to see the real news. For those that are not already aware, Android users are all about Barbecue!
Sure, it does say that iPhone users are a bunch of feminine fish lovers, but that’s not news. It turns out that Android users love ribs. releases tons of coupons for people to use, and the ones in the food category used more than anything are the ones for ribs. Keeping in mind that we are 15 days and counting away from the Big Android BBQ, this is proof positive that the event will be a big hit! Are you going?

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