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Android friendly Powermat accessories in the wild!

It’s easy to sit back and complain about the rush of iAccessories and very little Android coverage by comparison.  The simple truth is it is way easier to make things for one device that sells, versus 50 devices that sell combined. It does stand to reason, however, that with the growing popularity of the brand as a whole, companies will begin to make the effort. Turns out, the bit above is more truth than conjecture, with the upcoming release of Powermat Chargers for Android Devices!

The Powermat brand has been exciting for me personally, as I was in love with not having to plug my phone in, just set it down on the mat and have it charge. The concept has been a huge deal for me. Unfortunately, it seemed until yesterday that the Powermat people did not have much love for us little green fans. Coming out next month is the update to the Powermat line, now including the Droid X, Evo, and while it’s not technically and Android device, the HD2. We got a video interview with Beth from Powermat, with a demo of those device covers!

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