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An Android TV to go with my Google TV? Yes Please!

Android devices that are not phones are becoming stuff of legend. Every day it seems I see another random gadget that has been improved with the magic sprinkle of Android. Is it necessary to have an Android Dishwasher? Of course not. Do I want one? Well of course I do! You see how this could quickly de-evolve what Android is meant to accomplish, and more so pollute the concept that the OS is meant to DO things, not just exist in some random shapeless form. So, a few months back when I read about People of Lava, the scandinavian company that wanted to put Android on a TV, I was amused, but admittedly not interested in their initial concept pieces. So I forgot it, until Kyle grabbed some sweet video of the TV in action at IFA 2010. Check it out!

The implications are significant. Feature TV’s are already becomming more and more popular, with Samsung’s line of TV’s and BluRay players offering some of the same features we see here. So what are the benefits of doing this with Android? Yes, I mean ASIDE from it being Android. Personally, I’m seeing some exciting interaction with another buzzing piece of tech – Google TV. Think about it – you are watching your favorite show, and you pause the TV at a great moment, take a screenshot, and throw it on Twitter – without even setting the Remote control down. That’s pretty great. Plus, if an Android TV exists.. will we even see a CyanogenMod TV? I’d buy that in an instant, how about you?

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