Adobe Air goes live for Android October 8th?

At the Samsung Galaxy Tab launch, we were given a hands on test of Adobe Air. We got a single game to play with, and it ran great every time. There was little opportunity to actually test Air, given a lack of available content, but the demo was solid to say the least. At the event, we were given my least favorite release date of all time, “Soon”. Well, it turns out the team at droid-life got a tip that “soon” means October 8th!

Adobe Air, for my rock dwelling friends, is the software that allows you to run Adobe Flash products offline, and so much more. It’s an entirely different utility, and optimized for Android it will change the way we see apps. If the Air app is in the Market on October 8th, it will work like the Flash install, which will enable Air’s abilities for compatible apps you install. Rest assured, as soon as Air hits the Market, the storm of apps that follow will keep us all busy for a long time!


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