5 Ways Facebook for Android Can Improve

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From elementary kids, to senior citizens, when you say Facebook everyone knows what you mean. That blue f is everywhere. Facebook is the biggest social network in the world. This makes it very important for Facebook to give its users the best experience available. Facebook has an application for Android, but it can be a little bit lacking at times. Sure there is definitely support and you can do most things, but Facebook has yet to deliver the full experience via their Android app. I am going to talk about 5 things Facebook can do to improve their Android app.

  • Chat

From the beginning one of the biggest issues Facebook users had with the app was no support for Facebook chat. Now with an element this important to Facebook, it is still not understood why they have not chosen to add Facebook chat support to the application. There have been several updates, some that revamp the UI, and some that fix bugs, but we have still not seen any effort from Facebook to give their faithful Android users the ability to chat.

  • Places

As most of you know, Facebook recently released their take on location-based social networking. Facebook Places is a really good idea. They have even added Foursquare integration so you do not have to constantly update multiple times, however we cannot take advantage of this in our app. Yes, you can go out to the mobile site to do this, but it would be so much more convenient if we could do this right in the app itself. If Facebook wants their Places to be used successfully on the go, they should probably give their users the option to actually use it when they are out and about.

  • Remove Posts and Comments

Everyone has been in the position where you post something on Facebook that you regret. Whether it is a comment on a status, or you uploaded the wrong photo, some very disastrous thing can happen quickly on Facebook. It would be really nice if you could remove posts and comments without actually having to go login on a desktop and sort everything out there. I think this is a necessity that Facebook for Android to should include.

  • Live Feed

The Facebook news feed is a very busy place and sometimes using the mobile app you can miss a post just because it wasn’t updated in your news feed. When I am using Facebook at my desktop I always switch from news feed to live feed. I find that live feed is updated with a lot more statuses and it also has when people write on others walls and things of that nature. I would love to see some live feed love for the app.

  • Native Notifications

This is probably my biggest problem with Facebook’s Android app. Every single time you want to check a notification you have to go out to your mobile browser and view it from there. This just makes me so angry. The notification system on Facebook for Android is horrific. Yeah, there is a pretty drawer at the bottom that shows the amount of notifications you have, but why do we have to go to the mobile browser? One of the main things that makes me stay away from checking my notifications on the app is having to leave the app. If Facebook wants to make their Facebook app effective in the notifications field, they need to let you view them in the app. Enough said.


Now that I am finished with all of my ranting I want to say that Facebook for Android is a solid app, other than chat and some little things here and there, it gets the job done and serves its purpose. I just think there is some serious room for improvement, and I know I am not the only one out there who has that opinion. Retweet this and let the Android community be heard.

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