Wi-Ex begins offering Z-Boost Soho.. does this fight antennagate

Even putting Antennagate aside, indoor cell reception can be a little tricky sometimes. In homes, offices, condos, townhomes, and apartments structure, metal, and other RF can often detract from your cell phone service. In fact wi-ex, the makers of the Z-Boost Soho, comissioned a survey finding that 67% of cell phone owners had signal problems at home.
So enter in Wi-ex’s Z-Boost System. The Droid Guy currently has the Z-Boost metro hooked up in our home and we’ve seen a noticeable improvement. Considering that there are cell signals for every carrier coming into our home the Z-Boost metro seems to be doing a great job, in fact, I haven’t had a dropped call since we set it up. Same thing at the office!
The Z-Boost Soho is available at e-tailers such as Amazon.com and reportedly, Best Buy as well. If you thought you had more bars in more places, with the Z-Boost soho you’ll see even 20% more bars in hard to reach places once you set up the Z-Boost Soho. The Soho features one button technology and comes with everything you need to set up your own cell signal repeater.