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Why Did You Get an Android Phone?

By Matthew G. Special Contributor TDG Online

Let’s be honest, as much as we all love Andy, there was a time when we didn’t know him. It’s almost two years since the G1 launched on T-Mobile and Android has grown to one of the most popular mobile OSes available. From the Motorola Cliq to the HTC Desire, we have entry level phones and high end devices that make our wallets scream. With that being said, I want to ask everyone a question. Why did you get an Android phone? And most importantly, what will it take to keep you buying Android phones?

My first real Android device was the Nexus One. Coming from an iPhone 3GS (Save your eggs please =D) I was immediately blown away. I felt like I was using a better version of windows mobile. No iTunes, Inexpensive Apps, and even better customization. I love the way that I could plug my phone into a friend’s computer and save content without syncing to iTunes. That is what made me fall in love with Andy.

Gingerbread 3.0 is coming soon, hopefully this fall, and there are rumors of Google working on some sort of syncing software. Do you think Google will pull the rug from under us and force us to user their new software to sync content? I certainly hope not. For those of you who have been with Android since day one, you seem to have a since of pride and ownership. It’s like an underground artist that you bought their first CD. Now that they are popular you feel like they could lose their way. You know, “Sale Out.”

When you see another Android user don’t you feel a since of camaraderie? I do sometimes. Since I have gotten a Nexus One, I have persuaded 8 Co-Workers to get and android device and ditch their blackberry or an iPhone. Back when I had an iPhone, I hated when someone copied me. It was a weird thought since there are only 8 Trillion in the world. Now its like the more the merrier. I love to covert people, I welcome it. For example, the Big TX Android BBQ, that would never happen with blackberry or iPhone owners. And that my friends, Is why I will stay an Android fan forever.

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