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TweetDeck Beta for Android Released!

Written by Elijah K. Writer TDG Online
This is a day many of us have been waiting for. TweetDeck has arrived on Android. It
may only be in beta form, but this app does. TweetDeck just tweeted the link to get into their
public beta and you can download it right here.
When the app first launches you have the option to sign into each of your profiles, or you
can sign into your TweetDeck profile which syncs everything at one time. The streams are all put
into one home column with each account a different color. For example Facebook updates are
dark blue, Twitter updates are black, and Foursquare checkins are light blue. This is awesome
because never before on an Android app has this happened. Everything in one place, in one
single column is a huge feature for Tweetdeck.
The newest thing about the app is the new “Me” column. The Me column takes
everything that is personally directed at you, and puts it into a neat little column. This included
mentions, direct messages, and NATIVE FACBOOK NOTIFICATIONS. That is right NATIVE
FACEBOOK NOTIFICATIONS. This means that TweetDeck has better Facebook notification
integration than the actual Facebook app. For me, this is a pretty big deal.
In conclusion, the Tweetdeck beta is already amazing me, and it’s not even the official
app yet. I am hoping to see other Twitter clients take after TweetDeck in Facebook, Buzz, and
Foursquare support as well. I am really excited to see what comes out of TweetDeck for
Android. Let us know what you think in the comments, and check back with TDG for more

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