The return of Notion's Android tablet!

Let’s face it – the existing Android tablet market is shallow at best. I’m surrounded by handheld “tablets” with no market access, and barely an acceptable screen. Aside from that, their delivery ad sales methods rage from bizarre to non-existent (i know eveyone here was thinking “K-MART??? REALLY?”) and the only thin we have to keep our hopes warm at night are vage pictures and promises from manufacturers. Oh, and I forgot about the indomitable rumor machine that exists in the community. I have held one torch from the beginning of this mess, and while it was getting real dim for a bit there, my hope is finally being rewarded. Notion Ink is FINALLY doing something with the Adam Tablet!

This device is shrouded in more mystery and fluff than it is religious symbolism (its literally an engraved cross away from being called the Android Bible), which is good, because with the surge of promising tablets making waves, it may need backing from the almighty to get attention. What is this thing anyway? Notion? Never heard of them… are they as good as Motorola? What we do know about this tablet gives me alot of faith in the device. Let’s take a look.

Two processors, a choice between a 10.1″ Capacitant LCD or the stunning Pixel Qi E-ink display, Front facing Camera, USB port(s), and a really slick design make up this device. The issue of not having the Android Market has still not been addressed, but that may be resolved before launch, which is still undetermined. There are, however, pricing options. Notion is looking to have the device starting at about $399 for a base wifi-only model and work it’s way up adding the Pixel Qi display, 3G, and storage options. All in all a solid device, and I look forward to test driving one for you all!

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