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The Art of Buying an Android

My Matthew G. Writer TDG Online
Having the latest and greatest tech is more important to some than others. Most people pride themselves on having the newest phone or tech. With new Android devices launching left and right, it will be hard to keep up with Andy.
Let’s say you hear about a hot new Android device. You wait patiently for it’s release, and then sign a new contract with a carrier. Now you are locked into a contract because you bought a device at a subsidized price. 8-9 months later your phone is obsolete. Now you have to pay full retail if you want to get something new. Full retail could be anywhere between $500-600. Sometimes more.
Here’s the trick. Don’t let your phone get old. What do I mean? Find out when your next toy is coming out and plan accordingly. Don’t keep your phones longer than you need to. Sell it before something better is announced. Make sure you protect your phone to keep it in prestine condition. This will help retain resale value.
Let’s say you bought a new Samsung Captivate for $199 on contract with AT&T. The recent changes to the early termination fee have raised it to $350. So if you wanted to cancel your contract to get a new phone you are now paying $550 for a phone that costs $537 retail. If you wanted to, you could sell your Captivate for $450 on craigslist or eBay. Now you only have to pay the difference for a new phone.
If you can master this, your friends will look at you as a phone deity and pray to you on the release date of every hot device. Let’s be honest, if you could “always” have the newest phone wouldn’t you want to?

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