Tablet Rumors Heating Up

Bloomberg is reporting today on the rumor we heard a few months back that Motorola and Verizon are teaming up to bring an Ipad Android Rival to market. The Motorola Tablet will feature a 10″ screen and run Android 3.0 dubbed “Gingerbread”. Samsung will release their tablet before the end of the year as well featuring a 7″ screen but feature packed and with their Super AMOLED technology (pictured left)
Ashok Kumar, at Rodman & Renshaw had said he heard about the tablet from suppliers in Asia. According to reports the tablet space is going to become very crowded very quickly with true tablet players. At last years CES there were a few dozen tablets on display allegedly running android. So far TDG Magazine has had the opportunity to review 6 android based tablets, including 2 made by Ekken, The Zen tablet and Comangi ? none were worthy of indepth review. In comparison to their mobile phone counterparts these sub-par devices’ screens were clunky (resistive screens), they ran earlier versions of the Android OS and didn’t support direct market downloads.
According to trusted sources the Motorola Tablet and The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S tablet will all feature better screens, newer versions of the Android OS and direct market downloading.
RIM, HP, Lenova and LG are all said to be throwing their hat in the tablet ring as well, before the holiday season. LG is said to be realeasing an Android based tablet as well.
Although HTC has firmly said they aren’t rushing into the tablet arena, when we spoke with Jim Lake at HTC he did say that Gingerbread was about “Tablets Tablets Tablets” Is the tablet the “unicorn” if so we know that the Unicorn will show it’s face via Samsung before the holidays and hopefully Motorola/Verizon as well.