T-Mobile reclaims Android Position with Android Experts And More

T-Mobile, the carrier that took a chance on Andy Rubin, Danger and the Sidekick, which seemed to pay off in a big way with the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Mr & Mrs Smith embracing the cool concept smart phone. Even after a problem with Microsoft backed servers T-Mobile pushed on with the sidekick line and Rubin’s newest concept project at the time, the revolutionary Android OS.  This time Rubin, backed by the coffers, designers, programmers and marketing prowess of Google, rolled out an amazing new device which set the world on fire, the G1, and the Android platform.

So often T-Mobile seems to get the back burner to the latest coolest emerging Android devices popping up on Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T. T-Mobile still has the largest variety of Android handsets, billing themselves with “An Android for everyone in the family” their current offerings online still include: The Samsung Behold II, My Touch 3G, My Touch 3g Slide, Motorola Cliq, Motorola Cliq XT, Garmin Asus-Gaminfone, Motorola Charm and the Samsung Vibrant, A Galaxy S Phone. Of course as Samsung just reported, with only the Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile and the Samsung Captivate on AT&T they have shipped 1 Million units in the US Alone.

T-Mobile is no joke when it comes to the Android platform.  Let us also not forget that T-mobile still offers unlimited data with no plans to change that. Also in over 50 markets T-Mobile offers HSPA+ which sees speeds comparable if not better than competitors like the Sprint/Clear Wimax 4G. We’ve personally seen speeds from 7mbps-9mbps in New York City of all places, using the T-Mobile HSPA+

In The United States, T-Mobile is the 4th largest carrier, often times compared to the “Little Engine That Could” when in  fact across the world they are one of the top carriers owned by Deutsche Telecom and Deutsche Bank, one of the most cash rich companies in the world.

With Verizon sporting their Droid Branding and 100 Million Dollar Budget, and both Sprint and AT&T bulking up their high end Android offerings, T-Mobile has done what they do best, which is customer service and customer experience. This time with the “Android Expertt”. Across the country at T-Mobile branded/owned retail locations you will find Android Experts, dedicated employees to help answer all questions related to Android. These specialists are thoroughly trained in current Android offerings, what the OS Does, competitive comparisons and basic trouble shooting.  The T-Mobile Android Specialist will be able to help customers pick an Android device and answer questions like “How do I check my Email”

T-Mobile’s Android web portal incudes App suggestions, info on App pak, Forums, comparisons, videos and tutorials.

Regardless of their position in US Ranked Wireless Companies T-Mobile isnt one to back down from risks: remeber while everyone was focused on Blackberry T-Mobile offered their own versions of smart phones, Sidekicks, G1s and even Garminfones.  As we prepare to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Android at retail ala T-Mobile’s G1 and the 3 year anniversary of the original Android announcement and release of the SDK, T-Mobile is stepping up in the Android Space, yet again.

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