T-Mobile Pricing And Participation May Vary

Boy did we start something this mornig running a photo of pricing for the New Motorola Charm on T-Mobile with a price tag of $114.99 after everyone else had reported $189.99. As soon as we hit publish we received two other pricings in email lower than $114.99 and the photo seen below of $74.99.   So which one is it? Do we need to go with the online price? Can a customer go to a store in Alabama and get the $74.99 price even if they live in an area with the $189 price?
Do you think it’s sloppy or bad business to offer the same technology at such vastly different pricing I mean you’re talking about $115 difference between $189 and $74.99.
A T-mobile retail manager in the Southeast confirmed that the $74.99 is the straight pricing and that there are some stores that are building in a $40 accessory package to get to $114.99 but it was news to him that the internet was reporting $189.99. Typically when there is a variance in online pricing vs brick/mortar pricing the online prevails as the lower price, naturally because they have less overhead.
AT&T and Sprint both confirmed that, especially at roll out, they offer the same pricing across the country for devices within their corporate locations.  Verizon Wireless Spokeswoman Brenda Raney  confirmed that Verizon offers the same pricing across the county on and offline and that “The Price is The Price” so you can count on the Motorola Droid 2 being $199 at any Verizon Store or online. The only difference with Verizon pricing is typically a mail in rebate and we all know if you just have to have that $100 right now Best Buy Mobile doesn’t require mail in rebates.
Now remember when reading this story we are talking about strictly corporate stores and corporate structured pricing. Dealers often times get incentives or allow discounting however at a corporate owned store shouldnt you be able to walk in to one in Melbourne Florida or San Diego California and get the exact same pricing?

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