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T-Mobile Makes it official


After months of speculation and rumors about what would come of the original Android flagship phone the G1, T-Mobile sadly ended its life with a nice eulogy statement on their press page. As you know it was the G1 that was the first Android phone available anywhere in the world and went on sale in October of 2008.
T-Mobile had already had years of success with its “sidekick” line even attracting the celebrity set including the Hilton sisters, Britney Spears and others to this unique device developed by Andy Rubin. Yes that Andy Rubin. The same Andy Rubin who started Android then sold it to Google.
   So why this quick history lesson? T-Mobile has confirmed that the G2 (that we reported on last week) is being prepped for take off by adding it to their HSPA+ page. Although there is no official date for release the mid August timing suggests they may be bracing for an early October release to coincide with the anniversary of the original G1 launch and the Big Android Barbecue ( no matter what the date I too would make sure I get one by the 1st day. For more visit

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