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T-Mobile Charm.. well Charming 1st Look

Except for it’s Droid Line on Verizon people have been questioning the effort that Motorola has made on other carriers with their Android handsets. Sometimes I feel like I was the only person on the planet that thought the backflip and it’s ability to use the back portion for scrolling, or it’s unique form factor was actually cool. It wasn’t Motorola’s fault that AT&T had the backflip locked down. Really one of the hardest things to consider as Thedroidguy is that a lot, I mean a lot of people come to this site for baseline or introductory information into Android and if you haven’t had, owned or played with a Samsung Galaxy S phone, A Droid X or Droid 2 or a Nexus One, than heck some of these entry to mid-range phones are actually GREAT!

Meet the Motorola Charm.  I have to believe that some of the pricing controversy on the internet and in the blogsphere, regarding T-Mobile’s 2 year contract price for the Charm, contributed to the $75 pricing on the Motorola Charm.

Check out our first look video. We shot that two days ago when I received the Motorola Charm. I’ve been using it pretty steady for the last two days and here are some positives:

– This extended battery packaged in the box goes all day no matter what way you slice it, use it, dice it, record on it. I havent tried the standard BT-60 Battery, I havent had to. But the battery life on the extended is STRONG!

– I was sent a demo of the Blackberry torch right before launch and the only thing I dug about it was the vertical keyboard, The ease of having a vertical keyboard in some situations is great you don’t have to rotate the phone or slide out a keyboard while driving, eating etc. The Motorola Charm’s keyboard isn’t as refined as the RIM/Blackberry keyboards, but then neither was the Moto Q’s. However in a pinch it’s functional. For as wide as the phone itself is, the keys are a little too small.

– The touch screen/full qwerty form factor is unique to this device. I was curious before reading up on it and trying one out, was the screen active, it is and responds well.  One of the drawbacks is the display is small and the fonts are smaller.

– It’s running Android 2.1 with the customizable version of motoblur. Not many Blur fans out there but there are people who do like it. I think that this version of blur on this particular device is going to be great for tweens and social media junkees.

As always this is a 1st look. More to report after more time. For now it’s the only Android handset with a stationary vertical keyboard. T-mobile also has true unlimited data and HSPA+ so in the right markets this phone is fast.

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