Swype takes the World record on a Galaxy S!

Swype, for those of you who aren’t able to get it, is a great way to use your on-screen keyboard to type faster, by simply drawing the words you want. The virtual keyboard has been available on many of the new Android phones like the Droid X and the MyTouch 3G Slide, but it is also available on all of the Galax S phones. Samsung, being a huge supporter of Swype, was able to put yet another claim to fame on their Galaxy S line when speed typist Melissa Thompson broke the world typing record on a Galaxy S with Swype!

The record holds now at 26 words in 25.94 seconds, blowing away the previous 35:54 by a considerable margin. Thespeed boost comes from not ever needing to take your finger off the screen, and being able to just draw the letters like a map to victory. The system automatically places a space at the end of each completed word, which is also additional time wasted on every other kind of keyboard. Being offered as a replacement to the Stock keyboard, and now available on many phones as well as Swype Inc.’s public beta, this new keyboard has certainly been making waves.

So, 26 words in 26 seconds. Can you beat that? Proove it. No auto-correct, make a video of you Swyping 26 different words as fast as you can. Send me a video at [email protected], and maybe you could be the next world record holder! (or maybe just win some cool new toys!)