StumbleUpon: App Review

For those of us out there who are big on RSS and Twitter and such, it is a wonderful thing when you discover a new site or blog that gives you the news you want. Luckily, there is a program that can do some of that work for you. This application is called StumbleUpon, and now there is an app in the Android Market that can make it even more convenient to “stumble”.

Now, even though we are here to talk about the Android app, I am going to touch on StumbleUpon itself. The app takes the info from your e-mail and Facebook friends to see what your friends are interested in. You also can choose your topics from their topic selection. This can be a problem sometimes, as the topic selection provided is very vague, and sometimes you can get something completely different than what you’re looking for. At one point when I searched for a site using the topic “Christian Music” it took me to YouTube. You can see how this might be a problem. To make up for this, StumbleUpon does save your preferences using a “Digg-like” system of thumbs up and thumbs down, however this can take some time to narrow down what you really want.

snap20100823_202037.png picture by jibjab227

The Android app for StumbleUpon is a pretty nice app. You can do almost every single thing that you can do on the web site right in the application. The most important feature, obviously, is stumbling. This works pretty well because all you do is touch the “start stumbling” button and it loads the site right in the app. It is really nice to not have to go out to the browser to see the site or blog you just “stumbled upon”. Although this can load kind of slow, it usually works pretty well. The UI is slick and pretty and works pretty nicely.

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StumbleUpon is a good app, and most of what it lacks isn’t a problem with the app itself, but a problem with the actual program StumbleUpon. This is a great program to use if you’re looking for a new site or blog then it can work nicely. Even though, in my opinion, StumbleUpon could change a couple things, the Android app does exactly what it was intended too. Go on, give it a try, and see how you like it. Start Stumbling!