Somebody woke Dell Up

Just as we were beginning to wonder about the Dell Streak and when we would actually see one of these wonderful devices on AT&T they finally come to the party with a release date, and it’s Tomorrow.

But wait there’s more.¬† Our friends at Androidspin scored photos of a brand new Dell Dell Thunder. This was huge news around the blogsphere this morning. The Thunder (pictured below) has a 4.1″ AMOLED display and will be running Android 2.1. It will also have a custom Dell UI


Alex from Androidspin tipped us off on twitter about yet another new Dell device, this one called the Dell Blaze. This device is said to be a little smaller than the Dell Thunder about the size of the Palm Pixi. Current photos show Android 1.5 however we expect it will be updated shortly. Congratulations Androidspin on this great Dell Tippage

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