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By: The Droid Guy for TDG Online, The Droid Guy

10 years ago if you would have told me people would care what I could say in 140 characters or less, or that people would care where I was every minute, I would have thought they were crazy.  But twitter, and Location based apps have taken the world by storm.  It’s one thing to keep track of someone but our friends at  Gowalla in Texas, and foursquare have made going places competitive and fun. If there’s one thing for sure American’s love competition and fun.
In a quest to say “unless you’ve been living under a rock” as many times as humanly possible on an Android Magazine site, here it is… “Unless you’ve been living under a rock” you already know the value and fun in earning pins on Gowalla and Badges on Foursquare and how you silently let, or maybe audibly let a “Booyah” out when you check into Starbucks and you’ve unseated the Mayor.
Now, forward thinking app developers are asking themselves how far can they take these concepts, location based services and “check in” for this double header app review we are going to briefly look at two apps that do just that.
First up is Miso, Miso is an exciting new app that takes location based services and checking in right to your living room couch or even your bed. That’s right with Miso you check in and tell people what you’re watching on TV. This isn’t a new concept it just takes the Water Cooler question “hey did you see such and such on tv last night”  and throws it into your device. but in great TV Fashion “But wait there’s more”
Miso allows you to check in to the TV show that you’re watching currently, within the app you can see what TV shows your friends are watching and who else is watching what you’re watching on the tv shows check in page. Also within the same “Trending TV & Movies” heading you can see comments given to particular programs.  From my first experience with Miso it also seems that it doesnt matter if you DVR’d the program or not at the time I’m writing this 12:30pm Eastern Time on Friday, it appears there are several people watching Project Runway and The Daily Show so if you watched something a little later go ahead and check in.
Somrat Niyogi from Bazaar Labs, the creator of Miso, appeared as a guest on the Android Guys Thursday Night Podcast, to talk about this revolutionary idea and where it could go. Imagine watching  a TV Commercial and being able to execute a purchase right from your android phone. Liked the latest Anthony Sullivan pitch, skip the 800 number do a 1 click and buy. There are countless ways to integrate the Android Application! It’s all about convergence. Miso is an A++ for me and I don’t even watch TV, I might start watching again now!

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Below, staff writer Elijah K, takes a look at another way an app developer is utilizing and integrating location based services, twitter and restaurant reviews, our good friend Clay and “Service Tattler”. Service tattler has been out for a while and I was actually a beta tester for it and friends with Clay so I had Elijah take a look at it for himself.

Service Tattler Integrates Location and Food! Yum

Elijah K, Staff Writer, TDG Online, The Droid Guy

Location-based social networking is taking us by storm. Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt, Latitude, the recently announced (but not yet integrated to the Android app) Facebook Places, and even Twitter’s geolocation feature. All of these apps are good for letting your friends know where you are and what you’re doing. However, sometimes that’s not enough. If you are going to a restaurant and want to know if more than just the food is good, or what the atmosphere is like, sometimes reviews do not get the job done. That is when apps like Service Tattler come in handy.

Service Tattler is an app that allows people to give an in-depth review of an eatery. It even goes as far as letting you put your bill and give a ratio as to how good the service was compared to the price of the meal. You “Tattle” and give a review that states how your service was, the quality of the food, etc. One of the cool things it does, which in my book doesn’t make it just another Foursquare or Gowalla clone, is that it integrates the both of them. So not only can you give reviews of the establishment, but you can keep your mayorship of it on Foursquare. That feature alone sold the app for me.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an app that goes the extra mile in the reviewing area, Service Tattler is the app to go with. Its Foursqaure and Gowalla integration make it handy, and knowing how good your experience will be at a restaurant is also a great plus. I recommend this app to those looking for another way to get all of their location-based networking needs satisfied.

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