Samsung "Not Android" Event

While it doesnt seem there will b any news regarding the Galaxy Tab today, there are still some really great things coming out of Samsung today.

Samsung has maintained JD Power for 6 years in some categories, and their strives into the Android world seems to have taught them a few things about their other devices!

Their new “Smart TV’s” are including some really great new features. Apps on the TV, from the TV rather than the provider is significant, and these guys are listening. Samsung Apps, their multi-hardware platform for delivering apps, allows for some very cool new things!

Eric Anderson, VP of product solutions shared some new Apps today, but not before giving props to the Smartphones paving the way to this platform.

Hulu Plus, Google Apps, and many more free apps already existed, but now they will be doing premium apps. Premium apps, like the new ESPN app, will add some new content for a fee, as well as their new 3D ON Demand service, delivering 3d movie previews and other content.

Eric announced the “Free the TV” contest, in which app developers will develop apps for Samsung and will be in the running for $500,000 for the winners, while finalists will be exhibited on their system. Flash ready, XML ready, and Javascript friendly tools in their SDK will be made available soon.

Big questions remain unanswered on the integration of the apps, and whether the cross platform nature of the Samsung SDK will allow for an app to cross over into Android world.

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