"root" questions left unanswered

By Russell H. Sr. Editor TDG Online

The celebration has finally died down a bit. The DMCA was updated to include the protection of Cell Phones,

specifically Rooting devices and adding legally obtained software. It was a huge step in the right direction for freedom of mobile devices. The biggest question I have had since the beginning of that announcement is – What next? What will actually change, and when?

The problem here lies in Terms of Service. Many of the existing providers of service in the US have language in the TOS against rooting devices. It voids your warrantee in some cases and will cause you to loose service in the worst. The way everything is written write now directly contradicts the DMCA, but has been signed by so many people it doesn’t really matter. Even if everyone changed their ToS today, would it be 2 years before everyone was free from this?

Clarification is a big problem here, and another side of clarification is holding everyone accountable for making the change to their ToS. Who is responsible for this? Who can we reach out to en masse and have this voice heard? More on this continuing story later everyone!

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