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OnMyWay: App Review

By Elijah K. Writer TDG Online

Ok, you’re running late. We have all been there, and of course you’re flying down the road at record breaking speeds trying to get to your destination. It would be great if you could let people know that you’re late, and when you will be arriving without having to text or email it to them while driving (which we all have heard a million times not to do). OnMyWay is an app that can help you with this problem.

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OnMyWay gives you the option to notify a list of recipients how far you are from your destination without doing anything. If you are running late you can add any amount of email addresses or phone numbers and through GPS OnMyWay notifies them. This works because at the start of the app you input when you would want the people to be notified. For example, you are on your way to a meeting and you want the other members to know when you are exactly ten minutes away. You set the address of the destination and make your list of recipients, and when you are ten minutes away, the GPS recognizes it and sends out the notification.

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This whole process works really well, it just has sort of a learning curve. After figuring out how everything works, this app has the potential to do exactly what you want without you doing close to nothing. It remembers your settings and addresses so you may end up typing two characters and the app recognizes where you are going. It can be very helpful for letting the people waiting on you know your ETA. The UI is pretty slick, and it is fairly simple to use. So when running late you can have OnMyWay do the texting for you while driving.

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