No sex in the champagne room? Not according to Samsung!

Smartphones are great. I cannot begin to tell you how this phone has become such a part of my life, and how much LESS time I spend at the computer because of this device. Are you like me? Probably. In fact, a survey from Samsung recently tells me that alot of you are exactly like me – getting away from the keyboard because you have a phone that can do those tasks. Where do you go when you are wanderabg about with your phone glued to your hand? That’s what Samsung asked in this survey!

The survey of about 500 people with smartphones lead to some interesting results. In terms of productivity, 40% feel they are more productive on their smartphone than their laptop when trying to work mobile. 32% say that their smartphone is actually MORE important then their computer in terms of use daily, and 51% will actually grab their phone to start a project, even if the keyboard is right there! Crazy stuff, but what about that other thing these phones do… you know, make calls? Turns out a whole lot of us do that sometimes! After all, 89% feel its important to always be available to friends and co-workers. How far do they take that?

Respondents admit the need to stay connected and productive with their jobs led them to take their business calls into more private settings than ever before, such as a trip to the bathroom or during an intimate moment with their significant other. Close to three quarters (72%) were comfortable taking calls in the commode, while at least one out of every ten people came clean about doing business over the phone at a funeral (16%) or in the throes of passion (10%). Other taboo business calls have taken place in the middle of the night (59%), during a date (38%) and at church (32%).

Funeral? Church? SEX? The phones are certainly an integral part of our lives, and this survey shows that even if you think what you do with your phone is alittle extreme, the chances are good you are not even close to alone!

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