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Nextmail by Sprint on All Sprint Phones

By: Kyle S. “The Droid Guy”

When I get into retro-tech conversations with my buddies or any small group I’m usually one of the only people that remember the “Voice Pager” do you? It was fairly simple called dialed voice mail number after three beeps caller leaves voicemail and voicemail delivered audibly through the speaker in the pager…

That technology faded fast but ever since then I’ve always liked the idea. When I was with Clearwire we would do bulk voicemail delivery to entire teams, you’d end up listening to 5 or 6 bulk voicemails from teamates in the local market to the guys back in Kirkland.

I even use it in my DJ business from time to time. One things for sure, the concept saves time and money and increases productivity that’s why Sprint has begun to offer Nextmail on all of their phones. This bulk voice delivery service allows you to simultaneously send a voice message to 50 email addresses or 50 mobile phones.

Sprint is offering two feature packages of Nextmail one is $7.50 a month and Nextmail pro is $19.99 per month.

“In today’s business climate, companies need solutions that improve productivity, increase profitability and enhance customer satisfaction,” said Tom Roberts, vice president of Business Marketing, Sprint. “Historically available only on Nextel devices as an extension of Nextel Direct Connect, NextMail is an ideal solution for companies with highly mobile workers. Industries like construction, field services, distribution and many public sector entities will find NextMail to be a critical business tool to communicate with many people instantly, especially in places where typing isn’t convenient, and to document thorough and accurate information.”

Nextmail was developed by Pacific Data Vision

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