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Motorola update schedule revised

There are many among us who are hungry. Hungry for their shiny new Android devices to get the update to 2.2, and even more for their 2.1 update. For one group especially, the wait has been long and full of promises and changes in release schedules. Motorola, one of the largest Android manufacturers has not had the greatest time-keeping abilities. So once again, we are to look at an update to Moto’s release and update schedule.

While the Droid is getting it’s 2.2 rollout now, it’s incomplete and another update is on its way. The Droid X is still marked “late summer” and Devour users will not be getting any updates. Meanwhile the timetable for the Cliq and CliqXT have been pushed to Q3/early Q4, with the Milestone. Will you wait for your update, or consider upgrading early? Moto handhelds are the most popular Android devices, but it seems nearly all of their updates are marred by something. Moto is not alone in this, though it seems the most pronounced. Either way you look at it, the next few months will be keeping Motorola busy!

[UPDATE] In addressing the concerns that the Droid update was being pulled or that the Droid would not be getting the “proper” 2.2 update (in this case meaning Flash), a spokesperson at Verizon was available for comment:

Android 2.2 is being phased in for the Droid by Motorola phones (introduced in 2009).  The push started last week and will continue until all the phones have been updated.

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