Mobile E-Dating? Social Networking? Meet Moi NOW!

The advent of social networking via mobile phones trippled the volume that any one Social Networking site got overnight, and smartphones pushed that even further with clean UI’s and better notification systems. Now we can take a picture, geotag it, and tweet it to the world in seconds. The point of Social Networking sites are to find new people with common interest, which works great for conversations online and the occasional tinychat. The location element seems mostly lost in finding new people, and the guys at MeetMoi not only noticed, but stepped up to meet this challenge with MeetMoi Now!

MeetMoi is a social dating system. When you get the app, there’s a 2 minute account creation process with a brief profile about who you are interested in meeting and what for. Upload a picture, and it’s done. The app will allow for location based “connections” to be made based on your location based updated and their proximity to other app users. Once a connection is made, you are given 60 minutes to talk to and then meet the person before the connection expires from the app. There doesn’t appear to be a limit on starting connections, so this could be a really cool way to meet people at events or in busy areas!
MeetMoi is growing fast, so even if there local traffic is low, it will definitely grow soo. Grab it from the Market and give it a try!