Looking for the Galaxy S Tablet? You won't find it August 11th

Crunchgear.com started a juicy little rumor this weekend that the Samsung Consumer Electronics Event on August 11th will be the launch of the exciting Galaxy S Tablet. Thedroidguy.com has confirmed through numerous sources including Samsung Mobile, Samsung Consumer Electronics and both of their PR agencies that this is NOT the case.

First off this is an invite only Press event, typically when a news source or blog such as crunchgear.com, engadget.com, boygeniusreport.com and even thedroidguy.com get invited to an event we post the invitation and mute out or color out the exact location and details for some reason crunchgear.com did not do this however before everyone in America shows up for this event please be aware you need to actually receive the invitation in your email box to get in.

Next, in talking with Consumer Electronics they do have some very exciting products coming out this quarter. Typically once you start seeing “back to school” signs in shopping malls, you can expect Consumer Electronics Companies, such as Samsung, to open the floodgates for everything they announced at CES that you haven’t seen thus far in order to give holiday spenders some juicy products to save up for this November. That is the case here. Don’t forget that in addition to the Galaxy S line of phones Samsung has been the pioneer behind some other great gadgets including 3d televisions and more.

Yes the Samsung Galaxy S tablet is an official announcement and it will be out soon but if you’re holding your breath for next weeks announcement, I’m sorry to report that it’s not going to be at the August 11th conference. Keep your eyes out though to crunchgear.com, engadget.com, and thedroidguy.com to see what exactly Samsung has up their sleeves.

I am confident that before the end of the month both crunchgear.com and thedroidguy.com will be able to give you all the exact details about other exciting Mobile products including the tablet.

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