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LG Ally to get Froyo 2.2 reported earlier today and we confirmed through our LG Source that the LG Ally on Verizon will receive a Froyo update in the not so distant future.

You may remember the LG Ally, in fact out of the mid-rangers I had personally reviewed through the release of the Ally, it was the top dog in my opinion. The LG Ally was featured with an Iron Man 2 tie in and an Augmented Reality game you could download directly to your Ally by shortcode text messaging.  Even though it had all this thunder it didn’t get Droid branding so therefore, like the Motorola Devour (with a multi million dollar superbowl spot) , The Ally didn’t get much love from Verizon.

Today you can pick up an LG Ally for $50 with a mail in rebate, and with Froyo coming soon and the ability to tether via wifi and usb, this may not be such a bad choice on “America’s Most Reliable 3G Network”

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