HTC Is Doing a Google Tablet afterall.. just Chrome

Let’s be honest. When most people hear the word tablet they think iPad. To faithful Android users, this is a sad thing. I mean seriously, who doesn’t want to see a competing tablet step up and give the iPad a run for its money. Sure, there have been Android tablets before, but none have really hit major success. Hopefully, this is about to change.

Let me say this now. The tablet this article is about does not run on the Android OS. Now don’t fear, it is still developed by Google, it is just running there Chrome OS. Now the Chrome OS has, from the start, been directed towards users who spend most of their time surfing the web. They have told us about it before, but never have we seen it on a tablet. HTC, Verizon, and of course Google have decided to make this happen.

Apparently launching on Black Friday for the holiday season, the Chrome tablet is rumored to launch with a 2 GHz processor, a front facing camera, 32 GB of SSD storage, Wi-Fi, GPS and much more. The device will also have the ability to connect to the internet via 3G, hence Verizon’s name showing up. Now this all sounds great, but we never know until we know and see more. One issue with this is will they be able to keep a steady supply and demand ratio. If it is coming out before the holiday season and everyone wants one, they may not be able to keep up with sales. This is usually good, but with the”iPad 2” rumored to be released early 2011, this is just more competition.

Overall, this tablet is looking good. As more rumors leak we will be able to know more about this tablet and platform. Until then we can just speculate about the beauty of this device, and wonder about how harmonious the tablet and Chrome OS will be. Let us know what you think in the comments, and check back for more updates.

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