Google's Eric Schmidt puts more in pockets

The self proclaimed “World’s Largest Mobile App Store”, just received $15million in Venture capital funding from Trident Capital, The Blackberry Partners Fund and Eric Schmidt’s personal investment arm, Tomorrow Ventures. came on the scene in 2008 and solidified its position by purchasing Handango, a Mobile App site that was around back in the days of the Palm M500 and Handspring Visor. carries apps for just about every platform except the iphone, incuding Blackberry, Palm, Symbian, Java and Android. Although they aren’t the biggest source for outside the market Android apps they have stepped up the pace in recent times.

No one released the actual investments by each firm but this round of funding reached $15M. Pocketgear claims to have sold over $2.5Billion in mobile apps which is large r than iphone/Itunes $1Billion worth of apps.

Eric Schmidt solidifies his belief in “side loading” apps with this investment in . What I can’t figure out is AT&T’s position in this whole thing as has a relationship to provide apps and mobile content to AT&T however AT&T Android customers could not purchase an app from or any of it’s competitors and load it via SD Card hmmmmm

Source; Reuters
Photo: file photo

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