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Feature Story: Great Back To School Apps for Android

With 200,000 Android Activations per day there’s no doubt that Android phones are getting into the hands of students everywhere. We’ve asked some of the youngest Android writers, high school students themselves, to compile their list of the 5 best back to school apps.  Philip E, owner of ; Luis M, staff writer at and our very own Elijah K, staff writer for  Check out these 3 great lists:

Philip E

Top five back to school android apps

Summer is coming to an end and that means that school is right around the corner. The five must have back to school apps are, Course Pro ($2.99), Study Droid (Free), Documents To Go ($14.99), (Free), and Cubes (Free).

Course Pro- Course Pro is probably the number one must have back to school app. This app allows you to keep organized with your homework, tests, quizzes, and more! You start by entering all your classes and the types of assignments (quizzes, tests, homework) and your set. Every time your teacher gives you a new homework assignment or notifies you of an upcoming test, you simply enter it in your phone. When you receive your grade for that assignment, you enter it in the application and the more grades you receive, the app creates a mock up of your report card so you (basically) know what your grade is at all times. For $2.99 this app will organize your school life and help you to never forget homework’s or tests again.

Study Droid- This application is not only great for school but its very eco friendly. Study Droid allows you to make and study from virtual flash cards and download and study from packs of flash cards made by other people. When you finish studying, it tells you what cards you need to work on and what cards you do not need to work on. It’s like having a sample test in the palm of your hands. For example, if you have a vocabulary test coming up you simply enter the words and definitions to the virtual cards then keep studying until you receive consecutive 100’s. The best part of this application is the fact that its FREE! Yes I said free, you never have to buy flash cards again, and you never have to waste old flash cards again.

Documents To Go- Documents to go is a very simple straight forward application. This app lets you create and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point presentations. If you’re on the go and need to start that essay you forgot about you can start on your phone, email to yourself, then finish on the computer. This app is not the most inexpensive app on the market though, at $14.99. There is a free version though, this version will allow you to edit documents and not create documents. P.s. a little trick I found is to email your self a blank Word, Power Point, and Excel document then save the email. Now you can open up the blank document and start from scratch. Have you been stuck in class reading a book? Or writing an essay looking for a big word to replace that small or over used word? Look no further because app allows you to look up words and the even pronounces word for you. Also included in this app is so you can replace words with the click of a button! This is another free application so there is no reason not to have it on your phone.

Cubes- Though school is (mainly) work! Work! Work! Everyone needs a little fun in their life. Cubes is a great app to kill time or to just clear your mind. This is a game similar to cube runner on the computer or mobile platforms (not as good as android).  You use your accelerometer to avoid hitting cubes. This application can be very addictive so use with caution! Also, we are not telling you to play games in class, this is just for lunch or study hall. This application is also free and still in beta so there are a few bugs. I have never had to foreclose and the apps has not crashed on me.

If you get these five apps you will be set ready for school. Of these five apps the number one must have is Course Pro. So if you do not have the money for both Course Pro and Doc’s To Go, just get Course Pro. Now that you have read our back to school app list, fell free to leave a comment with your back to school list of apps!

Luis M

Top 5 Back to School Apps

School time is right around the corner for us “Androidteens” and if anything this will be an interesting time trying to keep up with all the news, updates, and releases that the Android Community has to offer. With school being our first priority we will spend most of our time on school work and will have much less time to dedicate to Android. With that being said, we have all chosen our Top 5 Android Back to School Apps.
Alarm Clock Plus V2- What would school be without having to get up early in the morning? Easier. But that’s not really up to us so alarm clocks definitely come in handy. Alarm Clock Plus V2 is by far the best alarm clock I have found. Not only can you set a ringtone or a music track to wake you up but you can even launch an app at a set time. The User Interface is nice and simple yet of good quality and I don’t know about you but I would much rather wake up to The Day That Never Comes by Metallica than a bunch of annoying beeps.
Locale^- Locale is mostly used for it’s GPS location option. With Locale you can set a GPS location and it will save it and any time you are in that location it will change your phone settings automatically. I have mine set to the location of my school and the time from 7:30 to 4:15. If both of these “conditions” are met then my phone’s ringtone goes to silent and vibrate is off. This keeps my phone with me and not on my teacher’s desk because it rang in class.
Wireless Tether*- I attend a “Polytechnical” school which is technology-based and we use laptops most of the time. If you have ever used a government or school WiFi network you would know that it is extremely filtered and very few proxies work within the network. With Wireless Tether you can use your phone’s WiFi instead of the local connection and not be limited.
Chrome to Phone**- This is really self explanatory and simple to use. This can be used for a project and class work.
Twitoc- Twitoc uses Google Voice to make your speech into a twitter update. This is simple and very easy to do. It’s a great tool for when you’re in the hallway and want to update twitter really quickly without having to type it all. Speaking is much more easier than typing a whole update.
^ Paid App
* Root Needed
** 2.2 Needed

By Elijah K. Writer TDG Online

We all know what time of year it is. School is going to be starting for kids and adults alike
all across the globe. Keeping track of everything and waking up on time is a necessity, and the
Android marketplace is chocked full of apps that can help. However, finding good apps to do
what you want can be tough. Here are some apps I have found most helpful that can keep you
organized and prepared.
Dropbox is an application for the website This application allows you to take advantage of Dropbox on the go. Dropbox is a service that allows a user to upload files, media, documents, and presentations that can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet. Now Dropbox is available to the Android community and you can manage your files and media. You can even view your documents via other Android apps. Dropbox is a great application for keeping everything in one easy-to-use place.
Student’s Pet
Student’s Pet is an application that allows the user to record assignments, due dates, and
reminds you when everything is due. All of your projects, papers, and even teachers can be
kept track of in this helpful app. Student’s Pet is a great alternative to the standard day planner.
Class Buddy
It’s great when you stumble over an application like Class Buddy. This app allows you to keep
track of all of your courses through all of your semesters and more. Not only does it allow you to
view and reminds you of your weekly schedule, but Class Buddy can even take your grades and
generate a cumulative GPA that is always up to date.
RealCalc Scientific Calculator
Another great application is RealCalc Scientific Calculator. This app provides a great calculator
on the go with many great features that the stock calculator does not have. Things like unit
conversions, history of previous results, and copy/paste make this app my calculator of choice.
Gentle Alarm
Last but not definitely not least, is Gentle Alarm. One of the things I hate most about mornings
is waking up to a scream alarm clock. Gentle Alarm is your standard alarm clock and more. You
can set alarms for certain days, wake up to your own mp3 playlists, and even connect to a dock.
Gentle Alarm, however, has one feature the others do not. It uses sleep cycles to test if you are
in a deep or light sleep. If you are in a deep sleep it will get consistently louder but only to some
extent. It plays a pre-alarm that tests if you’re almost awake at the time of alarm so if you are,
you’re not startled by an overly loud alarm.
I hope you find these applications as helpful as I did. They can prepare you for what is to come
in the next school year by keeping you organized and on the ball for all of your study needs.
They are available in the Android Market for download to any Android phone.

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