Facebook 1.3 stepping up a bit!

Two of the most common reasons for new Android Phone adopters are Facebook and Twitter, and while there have been plenty of great Twitter apps in the Android Market, like Hootsuite, Seesmic, Touiter, Twicca, Twidroyd and the Twitter for Android app, facebook on the other hand has lacked a bit. There has been much speculation as to why the Facebook for Android app felt “clunky” compared to the cleaner more integrated app offered to our adversaries over at Iphone Land. Was it because of Facebooks very public relationship with Google? Was there something more?
A little over a week ago Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s facebook wall revealed that he had just installed the facebook for android app. Presumably the fine folks at Facebook have every smartphone device that supports their app, but it was interesting that Zuckerberg’s own personal facebook account had installed the app. A couple of months prior to that there was a post from Zuckerberg revealing that he was trying an iphone. The Iphone 4 had not yet come out however we don’t imagine it would have been tough to score an Iphone 4 being that he’s Mark Zuckerberg and all.
Well fast forward to this week and Android fans are enjoying a much needed update to one of their favorite social networking sites, Facebook. Facebook 1.3 features a newly designed home screen, better graphical user interface, better in app integration and features in app friend requests, events and video support. Facebook 1.3 also features a user scrollable photo wall at the bottom of the screen which allows users to see the latest photos shared by friends and then click on the photo to go directly to their facebook page.
We went ahead and did a little video showing the old and the new side by side. The new facebook is installed on the Motorola Droid X and we used the older facebook on the Samsung Captivate on AT&T;, A Galaxy S Phone. The video was shot on a Samsung Vibrant.


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