EA Snubs Windows Phone 7

63 Game titles have been made public for the upcoming Windows 7 platform,and  it seems that quite conspicuously absent from the list of Windows 7 publishers/developers is Electronic Arts or EA. EA is known for it’s Sims and Sports franchises including The Sims 3, Tiger Woods Golf and the coveted Madden series, which just recently released Madden 11 to home consoles.

Electronic Arts has been a big supporter of the Android Platform in fact it recently rolled a version of it’s Sims franchise out as a preloaded app/game on the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant, A Galaxy S Phone.

TFTS wonders if EA is waiting for some kind of monetary agreement with Microsoft.  We are wondering if after Windows 6.5 and the success of the Microsoft Kin Project, if EA isnt just waiting to make sure people actually use Windows Phone  7

Sources include: TFTS

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