Can you live without physical storage?

Written by Russell H. Sr. Editor TDG Online

The “Cloud”. Oh, that crazy silly ubiquitous concept. Storing your life server-side so you can access it anywhere. It sounds like a dream come true. No more faulty hard drives. No more “a virus took out all of your music”. No more “my movies are on my media server at home, looks like this will be a long flight”. In theory, it should all be a thing of the past. You upload your goodies server-side, and never look back. Does it work, though? Can you really move your live to “the cloud” and have it work out?

The Pro’s

  • Freedom. Complete and total freedom from broken SD cards, running out of space, accidentally putting the wrong card in, etc. If it’s all server-side, you always have it!
  • Way more space. Biggest card on the market is, what, 32 GB? HAH! that’s barely a season of Dr. Who in HD. Not to mention all my music, ALL my music. Just a sampling is not enough. I want it all, and I want it now, and I am more than willing to pay a monthly pound of flesh that is always there and never breaks rather than the $150-$200 for limits.
  • It’s everywhere. Did your phone die? Decide you want to share the latest A7X album at your friends house on his $10,000 home theater system instead of your phone speaker? Just login and play!

The Con’s

  • Bandwidth. ATT’s 2GB plan may not be enough for your whole world in your phone, and if/when the other providers switch to a tiered or not-unlimited structure, it could cause problems.
  • Speed. Obviously if you are in a good 3G zone, no problem. However, if 3G is spotty or if some places you go do not have 3G, problems may ensue.
  • No Android Worldphone. Travellers of the world will lose their content if they move from the CDMA friendly USA to the GSM friendly rest-of-the-world. If only there was a worldphone coming soon…

It doesn’t matter how you do it, it could work. More importantly, it could make your media experience much much better on Android. There are some huge options available to you already. ZumoDrive has a built in music player, that will index any music files you upload to their cloud, and allow you to play them anywhere. Additionally, navigating the folders will allow you to stream video files from those folders. Streaming movies isn’t new either, Dropbox will allow it as well. There are quite a few options, and I recommend you explore your own solution.

So here is your challenge. Go one week using nothing but “the cloud” for all of your music, movies, etc. and let me know if you think the world is ready to make the switch! Email me your results to [email protected]

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