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Bikes go Zipcar Style with help of Android

Reporting from New York City

If you’ve become familiar with the great Green invention “The Zip Car” you probably figured it wouldn’t be too long before a similar technology was applied to the bicycle.  Ryan Rzepecki, a former urban planner for the New York Department of Transportation has started just that.

Using a combination of technologies from GPS, Secure Locks and Smart Phones, New Yorkers will soon be able to participate in the Sobi (Social Bicycle System)  This system is very similar to Zip Car.  Need a bike for a short time? Once launched you will be able to go to the SoBi website at and sign up for an account. Once the account is established you will then have access to wireless lock box system which will help you locate a bicycle near by. Using an Android Application you will receive an unlock code for the bicycle and then use the bike until you’re done leaving it for the next rider.

Your unlock code will be good for a period of 10 minutes so that you can locate the bike, unlock it and start your journey.  Using the same GPS technology that SoBi will employ to keep track of the bikes, users will be able to track their mileage, see their journeys on a map and even calculate calories burned.

This takes Bike Rental to the Next Level.

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