BeejiveIM for Android: App Review

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Most people have a Facebook, MySpace, or Google Talk. This means they use chat. Whether it is Facebook to chat with friends, or Google Talk to chat for business purposes, people use instant messaging every day. There are many chat clients on the Android Marketplace, but it can be very difficult to choose with one best suits you. Today I am going to talk about my personal favorite, BeejiveIM.

Beejive started out on Blackberry and later was released for iphone. I have seen it used and used it myself many times, and I always hoped and prayed it would be released for Android. My dream came true.

BeejiveIM for Android is only in beta right now, but this chat client still packs the punch. I am a Facebook user, and when Mashable released an article explaining how to clean up your Facebook by arranging your friends into groups I took advantage of the feature. Until Beejive I never found a chat client that imported my groups. Being able to see all of my friends arranged in the groups in which I placed them on Facebook is one of the

standout features of Beejive for me. Now if you don’t use Facebook groups, Beejive still has many great features.


Another great feature of Beejive, and the most important for me, is the user interface. BeejiveIM is a

very pretty chat client. It takes all of your open chats and puts them in a notification bar-like drawer, that you can scroll down and switch between

chats with. That is very helpful with many chats going at a time. You can also choose to be online with one account and offline with another. You can also appear away, busy, or invisible so others cannot see you online. The last great thing about the UI is a love it or hate it feature. The bubble in which you type doesn’t appear until you start typing, giving room to view the chat if you do not wish to type at that time. This works very well and it’s a pretty cool feature that really sets it apart from other chat clients. The only problem I have had is usually the first time you start the app it force closes or won’t sign on to accounts, but this can be fixed simply by ending the task and re-adding your accounts. That is if it even happens, and this app is still in beta so kinks are being worked out.


Overall, BeejiveIM is a well-rounded chat client that has great features and a pretty UI. I recommend it to everyone looking for a chat client, or already using one. Keep supporting BeejiveIM so it can be released full-fledged in the Marketplace!

Click the link for the BeejiveIM beta download

(remember to enable the option to download from other sources in settings)