An explosive year for Android shows huge numbers!

By Russell H. Sr. Editor TDG Online

It’s that time again, where market share and year-over-year reports come flooding in from every which way to give shareholders and customers the warm and fuzzies about how the company is doing. All year long we have heard about huge numbers of Android devices being activated. At I/O this year it was 70,000 handsets a day, and the numbers continued to grow from there. 70,000 a day sounded like a pretty staggering number, but what does that mean in terms of company growth and market share?

Android grew 886% from last year in the USA alone, bringing Android up to 13% US market share in Q2 of 2010. To put those numbers in perspective, Nokia grew by 41% and Apple grew by 61%. Now again, these are USA specific numbers, but Canalys’ Chris Jones commented on the global view:

“The latest release of our detailed and complete country-level smartphone shipment data for the second quarter of 2010 clearly reveals the impressive momentum Android is gaining in markets around the world,

To make this even more interesting, The Q2 market share report shows that Both Android and Apple now have 13% of the USA’s smartphone market, with RIM still in the lead at 35% of the total market.

Android is not slowing down anytime soon. With the welcome that Samsung’s Galaxy S line has already gotten, with two more devices on the way, Q3 and Q4 will continue to show Android’s explosive growth as it continues to climb up the smartphone ladder!