AGTN FTW , Android After Dark & Radio Android the cat out of the bag

If you tuned in last night to the AGTN podcast expecting to hear Scotty Brown, Greg (Pixeladdict), Matthew Patience, Aaron Katsen ( and then me chime in about the Big Android Barbecue, you may have been in for a little surprise to find out that Scotty, Greg and Matthew had left the Android Guys podcast and Ray Walters (Sr. Staffer at Aaron Katsen and myself were the hosts of the Android Guys Thursday Night podcast.
Scott Webster, founder, president, editor and big cheese at Androidguys said some very nice things at the beginning of the show to solidify what all of us (everyone names thus far in the post) are about and that is the Android Community.
Scott Webster works very hard at supplying reliable Android news to the community via and as a contributing writer for the Android Atlas segment on
Aaron Katsen has big orders to fill making sure that all of the android community has the best in apparel and swag available at and he is the creator of The Big Android Barbecue.
Ray Walters handles a lot of operations, logistics, behind the scenes and writing for He is also cooking at the Big Android Barbecue and facing off against Big Keivan.
Greg, Pixeladdict, is known for his great design work and will continue on hosting Scotty Browns project. We hear there may be more than just one podcast, more on that later.
Matthew Patience is involved in the Canadian community and a great app developer.
Scotty Brown has started @radioandroid and @androidafterdrk and is helping to spearhead the NW Android community @nwandroid
And I keep twitter abreast of the latest Android musings as well as run TDG Online with my Sr. Editor Russell Holly. I am also the co-chair for the Big Android Barbecue
Here’s some behind the scenes things that you may not know. Both Brown and myself have solid experience in the Commercial (as in AM/FM) radio industry. I began my career at age 12 working for Radio Aahs and have held programming and on-air positions across major markets for 12 years. The idea for Radio Android actually was the brain child of an idea that I had and Scotty Brown kind of finessing this idea to make it relevant today. With my blessing and the two of us hammering out some things Scotty is launching both Android After Dark and Radio Android.
Android After Dark will be a little more off the cuff, and a little more laid back which is perfect for some people. I assure you I’ll tune in every week.
The Monday Night Android Guys podcast is more straight forward, you want your news, you want your Developer info and you want it dry, moreso like the CNN of the Android Podcasts
The New Android Guys Thursday Night Podcast (AGTN FTW) is the perfect middleground between the Monday Night Android Guys podcast and Android After Dark.
The purpose of this piece is to let everyone know what’s going on as far as Android Podcasts and there is no love lost. Myself, Aaron and Ray talk to Scotty on a regular basis. I cant speak for the other two but I routinely pick Scottys brain and he routinely picks mine.
With the hundreds of thousands of internet radio stations, XM/Sirius Radio, and the 40+ radio stations in your town, can you really say you only listen to One Thing?
Everyone named in this posting to is resilient in their commitment to the Android Community and wont stand for someone knocking any of our products or podcasts whether it be the Monday night Android Guys Podcast, the Android After Dark program or AGTN.
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