Advance? Could Droid 2 Be Available Next Week? is reporting that the Droid 2 will launch next Thursday August 12th based on information from a leaked internal Verizon Wireless Document. August 12th has been the “rumored” date for quite some time however nothing official has come out of the Verizon Camp. Droid X was their franchise phone this summer and it is still full speed ahead with the Droid X. For those looking for a qwerty keyboard though, Droid 2 may be the way to go. We have feelers out to our contacts to see how this is going to shape up.
Bloomberg also ran a story on yesterday about the Motorola / Verizon partnership and a tablet running Gingerbread. It looks like Verizon has a lot of goodies up their sleeve from now until Christmas. Stay Tuned!

photo: donthatethegeek/anonymous email