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Adobe Strengthens Ties with Google and Android

Yesterday Adobe held a conference at their San Francisco headquarters for Android media to showcase the developments they are having with the Android platform and Google TV.  The “Android Summit” took place yesterday and focused on flash innovations for the Android operating system.

One of the big announcements was that Adobe Air would be hitting the Android platform. Adobe Air is a technology that develops apps across devices and platforms.

Since 1982 Adobe has been instrumental in creativity of both audio and visual media. Their Photoshop product is one of the most widely used photo software suites in the world.  When flash was invented, as a means to see video and animation on the web, it revolutionized the world wide web.  It’s a no-brainer to think that Flash would revolutionize the handheld experience too.

Although Adobe ‘s Chief Executive  Shantanu Narayen, began his career with Apple, the two haven’t been able to come together to get Flash onto the Iphone or Ipad. Steve Jobs, when being interviewed by Walt Mossberg at this years D8, even went as far as to say that Flash was a software that had had it’s day, and that hypercard was more popular in it’s time than Flash.

In it’s efforts to continue a cross-platform push, Adobe began talking with Google about Flash for Android in 2008 even sending a team of engineers to collaborate on Flash 10.1 to Mountain View to work in the Google Labs.  As any hopes to get onto an I-device began to diminish Adobe continued to reiterate its belief in Android.  Narayen was even on hand at the roll out of the Motorola Droid X in New York City to talk about Flash and it’s integration with Android 2.2 “Froyo”, just last week we saw the release of the first handheld Android device running Froyo with Flash 10.1 in the Verizon/Morotola Droid 2

Handheld devices, and tablets are just the beginning though, as Android is the backbone for Google TV, Scotty Brown, owner of Radio Android and Android Afterdark, reported via twitter that they were watching true HD via Google TV, Chrome Browser and Flash and it “looks better than my cable”

This is all very exciting news for the Android Community as we  can’t wait to see Flash in our living rooms.

Adobe has been making shrink wrap software since 1982 and is still a leading force in the publishing, photo and creative media segment. In addition they are the driving force behind “Open Government”

sources included: cnet, engadget, Scotty Brown and The Droid X event

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